WWhen we reopened our doors for submissions back in March, we wondered whether the quality we’d get would be as high as it has been the past few times. Could it be that our luck would finally run out?

All we can say is… You beautiful, wonderful people: you’ve done it again. You’ve provided us with so many amazing stories that we’ve once again found ourselves with a monumental headache caused by the sheer volume of awesomeness hitting our inboxes.

If you’ve already submitted your work to us but not heard back yet, don’t worry – we are working through them, and are sending responses out as soon as we can. It is a true testament to all of you that we are stuck in a long series of agonising decisions here. Bear with us – you will hear from us as soon as we can get to you.

If you’ve not had a chance to submit, here’s a little warning for you: once again, we’re going to need to close our doors for a short time to allow us to work through what we have, make some tough decisions, and then start letting those amazing stories loose on an unsuspecting public.

So here’s your warning: our submissions portal thingy TM will be closing for a short period as of Friday 29 May 2020. So you’ve got 3 weeks from… (checks watch)… right now to get your manuscripts in.

If you’re not going to be ready by then, don’t worry and please don’t rush it: we’ll reopen the portal very soon – our aim at the moment is to do so on 31 July 2020, again for a good 8 weeks at least. But do keep an eye on our website, and our Twitter feed, or sign up for our mailing list, to be notified as soon as we do reopen.

That is all.

Until then

Stay lucky – and stay safe

Pete & Si

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