TThe wait is over! Blue Sky – the long-awaited sequel to Trish Finnegan’s highly rated crime thriller, Blue Bird – is out today in all good bookstores!

“An absorbing story with an extremely engaging protagonist” – NetGalley reviewer.

You can find Blue Sky in all good bookstores – click on the links below to get your copy now:


Blue Sky, by Trish Finnegan

No longer the fresh-faced new cop in the station, life should be getting easier for WPC Samantha Barrie. She is settled into her job, is well liked on her beats, and is on track to pass her probation and become a fully-fledged police constable.

However, when her colleague and best friend, Steve, is arrested for apparently trying to smuggle drugs into the Isle of Man, Sam is determined to prove his innocence.

As headstrong as ever, Sam soon finds herself deep undercover and embroiled in a mystery which spans decades and has ruined countless lives.

Who framed Steve, and why?

Who is the mysterious Vincent Boyle, and what is his connection to the murky past at Hornthorpe Dell airfield?

Can Sam save not just her friend’s life and career – but her own as well?

Blue Sky is the sequel to Blue Bird and the second book in the WPC Sam Barrie series, described by readers as “Hard to put down,” “Authentic”, and “Move over Lynda La Plante – you have been equalled, if not bettered!”

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