How To Write A Killer Synopsis

n recognition of our current ‘open to submissions’ status, we thought we’d share our thoughts on the crucial art of crafting a synopsis that shows off the best of your work… How to write a killer synopsis (in our humble opinion) “Please send a synopsis of your story”. Words which strike fear and loathing in […]

Submissions Are Now… Open!

We hope you’re all keeping well and safe and sane in these strange and troubled times… Just a quick one to fire the starter’s pistol on our latest call for submissions. The portal-thingy (technical term) where we accept all submissions from authors is now live – you can find it by heading to our Submissions […]

The Dreaded Submission Process

There are some amazing things about being a publisher. Meeting talented authors, getting great stories out to the world, and seeing how much readers love those stories: these are just three of our favourite things (we’re trying desperately not to launch into song, a la Mary Poppins, right now…) But before you get to any […]

How To Write A Killer Synopsis

Please send a synopsis of your story”. Words which strike fear and loathing in the heart of any author. You want an agent or publisher to just read your story and then hand you a publishing deal, but before they’ll do any of that they insist on you sending them a summary of the book. […]

Call for Short Story Submissions – Burning

Burning Chair Publishing is inviting submissions for our first anthology: Burning. We are seeking brand new, gripping short stories from up-and-coming and established authors keen to grow their exposure and reader base as well as earn an equal share in the royalties earned from the anthology.   Genre: thriller / suspense – contemporary or historic. […]