WWe’re typing this as we relax through the tail end of a sunny but socially-distanced VE bank holiday weekend. Hope you’re all keeping safe and well in these trying times.

As many countries all over the world look back to commemorate the sacrifices of a whole generation 75 years ago, it struck us that there’s no better time than to reveal to you something which we’ve been working hard on over the past few months.

A Life Eternal is the new novel by Richard Ayre, and one which we’re insanely pleased and proud to be publishing. Variously described as unputdownable, gripping and unbelievably touching, it starts in WWI and spans the whole 20th century (including the horrors of WWII) and beyond… When it first came in to us, we went through the whole book in one sitting, well into the wee small hours of the morning – put it this way, we knew we had a special story on our hands.

A Life Eternal will be published on 15 June 2020, and – you lucky, lucky people – the blurb is below for your delectation, along with the gorgeous cover. Even better, you can read an exclusive extract by clicking here and signing up to the author’s readers group.

A Life Eternal – by Richard Ayre

What if you knew you would never die?

How different would your life be?

How different would you be?

When Sergeant Rob Deakin is mortally wounded during the First World War, he is destined to become just another nameless casualty of a terrible conflict.

However, a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger will change the course of Rob’s life forever… Not only has he been healed, but he cannot die, and he will never age.

What follows is a cursed journey through a century of incredible change, seen through the eyes of a man immune to death, while he searches endlessly for the answers to what makes him so unique.

Rob must find out why he is so different.

Before he loses his humanity completely…


We really do spoil you guys, right?

Do check the book out – trust us, it’s an amazing read and, while we’re of course biased… we’re also right!!

As always, until next time… stay lucky – and please do stay safe and well.

Pete & Si

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