IIt’s been a wee while since we last did one of these – our absolute favourite type of blog posts. Yes, that’s right: it’s time to introduce another new addition to the Burning Chair family. Step forward… Trish Finnegan!

Trish has spent her whole life living on the Wirral, a small peninsula that sticks out into the Irish Sea between North Wales and Liverpool. She has always had an overactive imagination and enjoyed writing and reading, sometimes to the detriment of her schoolwork.

She first met her husband, Paul, in the charge office of a police station where they both were serving as police officers. She has three grown up children and currently spends her time wrangling grandchildren and writing.

If you enjoy authentic police thrillers with gritty characters and a compelling storyline, then have we got a treat for you. Trish’s debut novel, Blue Bird, will be published by Burning Chair in the coming months, and it really is a cracking read. And yes, we know we’re biased – but it’s true…

You can be the first to find out when Blue Bird and all our other new books are released by joining our new releases list – and as an added bonus we’ll even throw in a book for free! Click here to find out more.

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