How To Write A Killer Synopsis

n recognition of our current ‘open to submissions’ status, we thought we’d share our thoughts on the crucial art of crafting a synopsis that shows off the best of your work… How to write a killer synopsis (in our humble opinion) “Please send a synopsis of your story”. Words which strike fear and loathing in […]

How To Write A Killer Synopsis

Please send a synopsis of your story”. Words which strike fear and loathing in the heart of any author. You want an agent or publisher to just read your story and then hand you a publishing deal, but before they’ll do any of that they insist on you sending them a summary of the book. […]

How NOT to Sell Your Book

(or how to lose friends and be an asshat in several easy steps)   So, your novel’s written, edited AND published? Nice work. Now you can just kick back, watch readers snap it up and let the big bucks roll in, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, unless you are really, really lucky, then people won’t buy your […]

What We Learnt From London Book Fair 2019

The Burning Chair team were at the London Book Fair this week. And what an interesting time we all had. There were some great talks and debates and some interesting stands from all across the industry and around the globe. After much discussion, we think we can boil down what we learnt this week into […]

Burning Chair’s guide to Twitter pitches

Last week, we were extremely privileged to take part in #SFFpit, the Twitter-based book pitching event. It was great to see so many exciting and innovative pitches come through and as a consequence we are now rapidly reading through all of the submissions we received with the aim of providing feedback to everyone who submitted […]

Burning Chair’s 7 top tips for social media

Love it or hate it, social media is now a fundamental part of being a published writer. Even if you’re traditionally published, you will be expected to have a profile prolific enough to support the marketing of your book. If you’re published with a smaller independent like us, or self-published, then social media is probably […]