The wait is over! The Stone of Destiny – the long-awaited sequel to Andrew Neil MacLeod’s highly rated historical fantasy thriller, The Fall of the House of Thomas Weir, and the second volume in the Casebook of Johnson & Boswell – is out today in all good bookstores!

Described by advance readers as “well written”, “gripping”, and “splendid!”, you can find The Stone of Destiny in all good bookstores – click on the links below to get your copy now:

The Stone of Destiny, by Andrew Neil MacLeod

What if the Coronation Stone at Westminster—the stolen relic on which the High Kings of Scotland had been crowned for over seven hundred years—was a fake?

What if the true Stone of Destiny was still out there somewhere, hidden away by a Holy Order to protect it from English invaders?

When Doctor Johnson turns up at his friend James Boswell’s door after an absence of almost seven years, he makes Boswell an enticing proposition: to join him on a quest to recover the true Stone of Destiny.

What follows is a breathtaking journey through the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland, from Edinburgh up to the furthest reaches of the northern isles. Plunged into a dizzying world of secret societies, occult mysteries and supernatural phenomena, the two friends leave no Neolithic stone unturned in their search to uncover the truth.

But the Stone of Destiny is not just any old relic. It is the throne reserved for the Righ Nan Dual—the King of All Elements—a deity revered by ancient Druids long before the first Christian missionary ever set foot on British soil. Ownership of the Stone comes at tremendous personal risk, for it confers upon those who sit upon it a power beyond their wildest dreams.

Can Johnson and Boswell keep one step ahead of those who would try to stop them?

And will they be willing to sacrifice all so that they can get all that they desire?

Eighteenth century Scotland has never been so magical… and terrifying.

The Stone of Destiny is the second book in the Casebook of Johnson and Boswell series.

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