Welcome to Burning Chair!

An independent publisher putting authors and their books first

We founded Burning Chair because we want to get great books out to the world, and make sure authors get the rewards they deserve.

From first class editing to cutting edge marketing and promotion, we provide authors with the support they need to make sure their book fulfils its potential. We’re bringing together a community of authors who support each other, because as writers ourselves we know how valuable that can be.

Burning Chair – an exciting new independent publisher.




Invested in your success

Cutting edge, nimble, & digital


We believe in a fair deal for authors, so we offer significantly higher royalties than normal traditional publishing deals. You will be paid regularly.

We’ll take your manuscript all the way to the finished product. That means we will provide you with a professional cover, rigorous editing and proofreading. And we will do that, and we will pay for all that. Us, not you. As we see it, that’s only fair.

We will market your book on the major platforms, making sure it gets out direct to the eyeballs who will consume your book. We will cover that cost too. (Of course, we mean eyeballs connected to human readers – not disembodied eyeballs floating around eating books. That would just be weird…!).

You will benefit from cutting edge marketing techniques from the world of indie publishing. We’ve learnt from the best in the market and are constantly testing and applying those lessons – and your book will benefit!

We will communicate with you every step of the way, be open and transparent about every decision and action, and provide you with regular statements so you can see how many books you’ve sold.

This isn’t a traditional author/publisher relationship – we will work with you as an equal partner, respecting the sweat and tears that went into your work (we totally know how you feel, by the way!). We are 100% invested in the success of your book, and we want you to be 100% invested in the success of Burning Chair. Quid Pro Sorted.

Every one of our authors is special to us and we love them all, each and every one. If we take on an author, it’s because they and their book totally match the Burning Chair ethos. We want all of our authors to be our biggest supporters, and we will achieve that by being theirs.

What we most definitely are not


We will not and never will ask you to spend a penny or cent of your own money to get your book published.

We believe that our authors should be rewarded for their inspiration and efforts.

Publishers pay authors, not the other way round.


We see our authors as our key customers, and partners in our success. Great stories are our passion, as they are yours, and without great authors we wouldn’t have a business.

We offer higher royalties than traditional publishers and move quicker than they ever do – we’re not constrained by publishing and marketing schedules – as soon as a book is ready to be published, we’ll publish it.


We will not make insane promises guaranteeing you success. We will do everything we can to help you be as successful as possible, but we can’t promise to make you a best seller or a bazillionaire.