Our Five Favourite Immortality Stories

Here at Burning Chair Towers the publication of a new novel is like the birth of a new child: plenty of excitement and trepidation, but with (usually) less panicked rushing to the hospital. There’s a long build up while we get everything produced and prepped, and then it’s the agonising wait until publication day. During […]

The Burning Chair Top Six YA Fantasy Novels

Right now we’re all about YA Fantasy here at Burning Chair Towers, and for good reason: we’re counting down the days until our very own Fi Phillips’ debut novel, Haven Wakes, is released. Haven Wakes is an exciting new adventure set in the year 2110 in a world where everyone has their own robot, but […]

Merry Christmas! Here’s to our first year and our two latest authors…

As we bed down for the festive season and switch off the laptops and Kindles for a few days, we wanted to not only wish you all the very best over Christmas and New Year, but take this opportunity to look back at all that’s happened in this, our first, year – and to also […]

Top 5 books for reading at Christmas time!

Ah, a crackling fire, eggnog, sparkling lights and Shane MacGowan trying to convince Kirsty MacColl that her dreams are safe. Yes, it’s my favourite time of the year; a hearty Merry Christmas to you all from me: Burning Chair’s Simon! So, as we all limber up for two weeks away from the rat race and […]

Is It Me, Or Is ‘The Walking Dead’ Just Joyce’s Ulysses With Zombies??? *

(NB: All efforts have been made to remove spoilers) Do you remember when zombies weren’t cool? No, me neither. The past few years have seen a veritable smorgasbord of rotting corpses on our screens. I would arm-wrestle my own Grandmother (don’t worry, she loves it) to defend Shaun of the Dead for absolutely nailing the […]