AAs the world gears up for a Hallowe’en that’s going to be pretty different this year, we’re gearing up for something very exciting – the launch of Richard Wall’s latest novel, Near Death – hitting the bookstores in just a few days’ time, on 29 October 2020.

If you pre-order now, you can be snuggling up with your very own copy in time for a socially-distanced Trick or Treat season – especially if you enjoy your reads suspenseful, chilling, and just darn unputdownable…

The ebook is available to pre-order from Amazon – click here to go straight to the store.

AND you can pre-order the paperback from our very own, spanking new store – simply click the order button below and your copy will be sent to you as soon as the book is published.

Near Death, by Richard Wall

“See you on the other side, Preacher Man.”

These are the last words of Joseph Hickey, a psychopath executed at Sing Sing prison for the murder of the Howell family in New York State.

After giving the last rites and watching Hickey die, troubled prison chaplain John Henry Beauregard quits his job to start a new life in the Appalachian Mountains.

Hickey’s death should have been the end of the nightmare, but then another family is murdered in identical circumstances, and John Henry is called back to New York to give the last rites to the killer.

As the killings continue, John Henry is drawn into a mystery with devastating consequences.

Is it possible to commit murder from beyond the grave?

Can John Henry stop the endless cycle of torment and solve the mystery before it is too late?

Near Death is the second chilling novel from Richard Wall, author of the acclaimed Amazon #1 bestseller, Fat Man Blues. With troubled heroes and a terrifyingly unstoppable villain clashing in authentic 1960s America, Near Death is a book you will not be able to put down.

Richard Wall grew up in a small market town in rural Herefordshire in the 1960s before joining the Royal Navy and travelling the world. Now a full-time writer, this is his second novel after the highly acclaimed Fat Man Blues, which has been adapted to screenplay for a feature film, and storyboarded for a 10-episode TV series.


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