IIt’s finally the big day – after months of waiting, we are proud to announce that Going Back, Neil Lancaster’s third Tom Novak novel, is now officially released!

Early feedback is already in, and it’s safe to say that this latest outing for the emotionally cold hard man, described by award-winning author Tony Parsons as someone who “makes Jason Bourne look like a vegan Pilates teacher”, is overwhelmingly positive:

“If you take all the best parts of 24, Line Of Duty, and Mission Impossible, and put them in one book, then you would have something very much like GOING BACK. An incredible, exciting read.” – Cass Green,  Sunday Times bestselling author.

“As taut as a garrotte and impossible to put down, this defines ‘page turner’.” – Neil Broadfoot, Dundee International Book Prize & McIlvanney Award-nominated crime writer.

“Brilliant pacing, stunning plotting & a belting protagonist you’d want by your side in a fight. If you’re a Bourne fan, you’ll be kicking yourself you didn’t board this train sooner!” – Tony Kent, author of the successful ‘Killer Intent’ thriller series.

“Relentlessly pacy and packed with twists and turns! Going Back is a thriller that grabs you from the first page and doesn’t let you go.” – Jane Isaac, bestselling crime fiction author.

Going Back is out now:

The war is over, but some scars never heal…

Novak is back.

Answering a call from his old friend and comrade-in-arms, Mike Brogan, Tom Novak finds himself back in the one place he does not want to be, the home of his childhood nightmares: Sarajevo.

Undercover and thrust into the centre of a Black Op, Tom and his team are double-crossed and forced to rely on their wits as a deadly new threat emerges.

Forced into a race against time to stop a terrifyingly effective new weapon, can Tom fight against the odds once more to save not just those he loves, but the world as we know it?

Going Back is the electrifying third novel in Neil Lancaster’s Tom Novak series, described by Tony Parsons as making “Jason Bourne look like a vegan pilates teacher.”

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