WWe’re currently typing this from our isolation chambers deep in lock-down Britain. These are strange and scary times, and we really do hope you’re all keeping safe and well – each and every one of you.

But we’re still beavering away, and we’ve got plenty of exciting stuff in the pipelines. We reopened for submissions a few days ago, and are already really enjoying what we’re seeing coming through our virtual doors.

And we’re overjoyed to announce to you the latest in our author signings. Step forward Gene Kendall, whose book “Love Is Dead(ly)” is an unputdownable supernatural thriller with a sassy protagonist and a storyline… well… to die for. Love Is Dead(ly) will be coming out soon, so watch this space, but in the meantime – meet Gene Kendall:

Gene Kendall has lived in many places, but is usually surrounded by more deer than people. His work explores drama, music, and pop culture with wit and no small amount of sympathy for the losers and also-rans. He’s drawn to protagonists that say the wrong thing, actively resist their character arc, and possibly save the day by accident.

Currently, Gene’s contributing to CBR.com’s “Comics Should Be Good” blog, and you can find him on some horrific website called Twitter.

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