AAs many of you know, due to an incredible volume of stories received, we temporarily closed our doors for submissions back at the tail end of last year. We were absolutely stunned by the quality and quantity of the books sent to us and wanted to make sure we gave each and every one the attention they deserved, so we stopped receiving new submissions for a period to allow us to do this.

Well, since then many of you have reached out to ask us when we would be opening up again so that you can send in your books, and we’re pleased to write that we have now agreed a date to re-open the submissions portal-thingy (yes, that is really what we call it!).

As we’ve said before, one of the things we’re really proud of is the fact that we read everything that’s sent in to us and, if the answer is a regretful “no”, we try our damnedest to give a good reason why. But we’re not the largest of teams here – we don’t have an army of people sitting around reading books. You could say we’re small but perfectly formed (like penguins… Err, yes, thanks Simon…).

So reviewing submissions does take time. Especially when we’re inundated with a large amount of quality submissions, requiring more thought and consideration – which was definitely the case this time round.

We’re still working through the last of those submissions, as well as prepping for publication some of the absolute gems that we have been lucky enough to sign up. Once we’ve made enough headway to allow us to properly focus on new submissions, then we will reopen.

Anyhoo, having worked through our schedules and done some speedy calculations on our supercomputer*, we have now set the date for reopening submissions from new authors as Friday 27 March 2020. Put it in your diaries – we’ll of course be posting, tweeting and emailing our mailing list on that date to officially open the gates.

As a tiny bit of housekeeping in advance of the big day, please do note that we only accept electronic submissions through the link that will appear on our Submissions page – that will take you to a form which feeds into our submissions portal-thingy. We cannot accept stories any other way – anything that comes in via email, for instance, cannot be properly tracked and managed by us. And the same goes for paper submissions – we do not accept or read anything sent to us by post. And don’t get us started on carrier pigeons…

Until next time – stay lucky

Pete & Si

Burning Chair


*Looked at our calendar



Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

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