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The Curse of Becton Manor, by Patricia Ayling

‘A thrilling page-turner with characters that come to life, full of fascinating historical details’
– Anne Grange, author of Distortion

‘Really enjoyed this debut novel. Couldn’t be more perfect for me, Tudors and spooky!’ – Elge, Amazon

‘I picked up The Curse of Beckton Manor on a Tuesday lunchtime and finished reading it the following morning before 11.00am. I was totally consumed by it and only stopped for sleep and an evening meal. I found it a compulsive read, totally absorbing and therefore highly recommended.’ – Colin Clarke

Rumour has it that Becton Manor is haunted. But that’s all just local gossip. Or is it?


Tom Winchett never wanted to move house, and certainly not to a decrepit old Elizabethan manor house inherited from an eccentric uncle. While his parents fret about the work that needs doing to Becton Manor and how they are going to pay for it, Tom starts to notice odd things.

Ghostly faces in windows, mysterious whispers, strange shadowy forms.

And a vicious raven, that will not leave him alone.


The Earl of Becton enters the newly constructed Becton Manor at a time of political upheaval: as a prominent member of Queen Elizabeth’s court entrusted with questioning Catholics suspected of plotting against the Crown, he is in a perilous position. Not least because he and his friends still cling to the old faith.

The departure of his old friend and confidante Father Peters, and the arrival of a stern new tutor for his son, puts in motion a chain of events which will end in a tragedy which will echo down the ages.

The Curse of Becton Manor is a gripping tale of betrayal through the ages, and how the ghosts of English past still haunt all the way to the present day.

Pick up The Curse of Becton Manor today – you won’t regret it! It is out now at all good bookstores, including our very own store, and on ebook on Amazon.

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