Burning Chair Publishing is inviting submissions for our first anthology: Burning. We are seeking brand new, gripping short stories from up-and-coming and established authors keen to grow their exposure and reader base as well as earn an equal share in the royalties earned from the anthology.


Genre: thriller / suspense – contemporary or historic.


Theme: Burning. The only limit is your imagination: but it must contain “burning” as a concept somewhere within the story.


Word limits: 7,000 to 13,000 words



  • Equal splits of royalty among all authors – paid quarterly.
  • Promotion – you will also be encouraged to include a link at the end of your story inviting readers to sign-up to your mailing list and/or website.



  • You do not have to be previously published or have a minimum number of subscribers to your mailing list – we welcome new authors as well as more established ones.
  • You will, though, be expected to promote the anthology to your mailing list at least once.
  • A closed Facebook group will be set up to administer the production and launch of the anthology – you will be expected to join and participate in this group.
  • By submitting your story, you warrant that you own the copyright to the story and that it is not published in any other format. You will retain copyright in the story, but you will agree not to publish it elsewhere once it has been submitted and accepted for publication.
  • Burning Chair Publishing will fund and provide editing and proof reading for all stories, as well as original cover art. You agree to work with us on any reasonable amendments arising from the editing process.
  • Please note that Burning Chair Publishing reserves the right to exclude any stories or authors at any time.



  • Final date for expressions of interest – 30 August 2018
  • All stories to be submitted – 15 September 2018
  • Target publication date – 30 September 2018



  • All authors will promote the anthology to their readers and mailing lists.
  • Burning Chair Publishing will cover the costs of advertising and marketing the anthology on Facebook, Amazon and Bookbub.


To submit:

  • Email us with your expression of interest at info@burningchairpublishing.com – please put the words: “Burning Thrillers Anthology” in the subject line.
  • All draft stories to be submitted by the above submission deadline (15 September). Any stories received after this date will be excluded from final publication and related royalties.
  • We will aim to come back to you within one week of submission to confirm whether your story has been accepted.



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