It’s official – Richard Ayre’s new novel, A Life Eternal, is out now in all good bookshops!

To celebrate, Richard has done an exclusive reading from the novel – which you can see below.

And don’t forget, you can get your hands on the novel by heading to


A Life Eternal – by Richard Ayre

What if you knew you would never die?

How different would your life be?

How different would you be?

When Sergeant Rob Deakin is mortally wounded during the First World War, he is destined to become just another nameless casualty of a terrible conflict.

However, a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger will change the course of Rob’s life forever… Not only has he been healed, but he cannot die, and he will never age.

What follows is a cursed journey through a century of incredible change, seen through the eyes of a man immune to death, while he searches endlessly for the answers to what makes him so unique.

Rob must find out why he is so different.

Before he loses his humanity completely…


About the Author

Richard Ayre was born in Northumberland, too many years ago now to remember. He has had a variety of jobs including roofer, milkman, and factory worker. Tiring of this, Richard studied for a degree with the Open University and now teaches History for a living.

After the success of his first novel, Minstrel’s Bargain, a tale of music and horror, he now lives in Newcastle upon Tyne where he continues to write whenever he can. When not writing, or putting children on detention, he can be found pottering around the Northumberland landscape on his motorcycle, Tanya.

  1. Shane Agnew says:

    What if you knew you could never die?
    How different would your life be?
    How different would you be?

    I have just finished reading Richard Ayre’s A Life Eternal. A fantastic tale through time, historic events, the range of human emotions and humanity. Leaves you wondering what you would do differnet if you knew. A beautiful story , beautifully told.

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